PR Photography Services

At FCP, we understand the power of compelling visuals to help shape your brand identity and tell your story. Our photography services are designed to capture the essence of your organization, showcase your team, and document your programs and events with professionalism and creativity. 

Our Photography Services Include

Professional Headshots

Showcase your team through our professional headshot service designed to put faces to your work and elevate your brand visuals. We offer convenient mini-sessions (15-30 mins) or full sessions (>1 hour) at a location of your choice, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for your team members.

Candid Photography of Programs & Services

Highlight the vibrancy and impact of your programs and services with candid photography that captures real people and emotions. From community events to service initiatives, we’ll document the essence of your organization in action.

Event Photography

Memorialize your special events and milestones with event photography. Whether it’s a press conference, fundraiser, or community gathering, we’ll capture all the important moments.

Drone Imagery 

Showcase your facilities, neighborhoods, and locations from unique perspectives with our drone imagery services. Whether you’re promoting a new development or documenting your organization’s footprint, we’ll capture the essence of your surroundings.

Capturing Your Visual Brand

From concept to execution, we work with you to ensure that important moments are captured and align seamlessly with your brand’s values and goals. Our photography services process includes:

  • Pre-production: We’ll work with you and your team to establish a shot list, determine shoot location(s), prepare media release forms, and support the coordination of photo participants.
  • Production: On shoot day, we’ll come prepared with the required equipment, including a backdrop and lighting for studio headshots and/or camera and drone equipment for aerial photography.
  • Post-production: After the shoot, we’ll review all images, collate, and curate the best photos for your brand, and then edit. Images are delivered in high-resolution and web-resolution formats in an online digital album and are housed for up to six months.

Photography Project Highlights

All Home

FCP collaborated with All Home to create a library of custom-branded images for their communication materials. Faye Saechao, FCP’s in-house Visual Storyteller, and Photographer, led three photo sessions around the Bay Area, capturing volunteer participants and their families. We intentionally chose participants who represented All Home’s clients and audiences, focusing on diversity. We also selected locations that reflect All Home’s service areas, such as Oakland, San Jose, and Antioch.

Before each session, we worked closely with All Home to establish a shot list to conceptualize the look and feel of the images (e.g., positive, optimistic, family at home, caring). On location, we set up scenes with props, directed posing, and ensured that participants were always comfortable and enjoying themselves. We maintained transparent communication with participants throughout the process, keeping them informed before, during, and after the photo sessions, including how and where their images would be used.

Work with an Experienced PR Photographer

Ready to elevate your brand story with impactful visuals? Contact FCP today to discuss your photography needs and schedule a consultation. We’ll help you choose the perfect services to capture the essence of your organization and leave a lasting impression.