Public Relations for Coalitions

Coalitions are about bringing people together. That’s what we do best.

FCP is a strategic communications firm that specializes in coalition communications services designed to bring organizations together around a common goal, help disparate groups navigate the process of working collaboratively, and support day-to-day communications activities.

Coalition Communications for Nonprofits, Environmental Organizations, Social Enterprises, Local Governments, and more

We’ll help you:

  • Bring multiple groups together and establish a consensus
  • Develop a messaging and communications strategy that ensures your messages are heard by the right people at the right times
  • Coordinate execution of tactics among organizations to ensure they’re aligned with overall goals

When You Need To Mobilize Your Allies, Turn to FCP!

As a full service communications planning firm, our team is on a mission to help you bring your coalition together for success. Contact our experts to learn more about our message development, media relations, public affairs and issues management services, and more.

Coalition Communications Case Studies

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