Six Reflections on 20 Years of Public Relations


 Do We Look 20?

In 2022, FCP will celebrate our 20th anniversary! The milestone is a testament to our clients and colleagues who made it possible. Join us as we countdown to our third decade of making social change through strategic communications.

In the coming months, we will be looking back at our learnings and lessons from the past two decades. We will also be looking towards the future by sharing our predictions for how the communications field is evolving. Consider following us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn and join in our 20th anniversary conversation.

That’s so “2000 and late!” To get us started, here’s six quick reflections on how public relations has evolved over the last two decades.

We Are Gatekeepers

We used to rely on the media to tell our stories. Now we tell our own stories wherever and however we can. Media coverage still matters but our options to engage audiences are wider than ever.

The News Cycle Never Ends

The news is everywhere – so is the noise. The flood of news is never-ending. Our appetite to consume it may wax and wane, but the flow of news and information does not stop. We can unplug but the news never does.

Everyone Is a Journalist

Anyone can do strategic communications. Nearly every individual carries a television studio in her pocket. Videos captured by individuals can shape or tear the fabric of our society. Our job has evolved from creator to curator as we seek to inform our target audiences.

We Are All Human

Technology has connected us and allowed us to share our unique stories over social media. At the same time, a handshake, a smile, and a laugh are necessary for healing in challenging times. I, for one, no longer take any of this for granted.

The Future Is Approaching…Very Quickly

Our clients engage on the pressing issues of this moment. Existential challenges like climate are approaching faster than ever. However, as communicators, we can match this speed using the communications tools in our toolbox and when we do – change can happen.

Justice for All

More than any time in the past two decades, we are able to see, name, call out, and define the inequity in our shared society. At the same time, political paralysis threatens any viable solutions. Now is our moment as communicators to break through this logjam.

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