July 4th: Embracing a New Patriotism

Our nation continues to evolve, and so too, the idea of patriotism should change along with it. The time is now for a new kind of patriotism that recognizes we live in an interconnected country that transcends exclusionary ideas and upholds the values of inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance.

To ensure that every American can fully contribute to our common success, we must work toward equality while eradicating systemic racism and prejudice. We must also look for ways to redress historic injustices in meaningful and urgent ways.

Furthermore, we must show our love and support to everyone regardless of their immigration status. Immigrants founded our country, and we must never forget how immigrants have contributed throughout history to the rich fabric of our country.

My family saw America as a beacon of liberty just before the turn of the 20th century. Why should it be any different for those arriving today? We must be compelled by a new sense of patriotism to push for immigration policies that honor all human rights and inherent humanity.

Our obligation to love and respect LGBTQ+ individuals is just as crucial. Adopting a new sense of patriotism must promote an environment where individuals live free from prejudice and discrimination. Regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, we must work to ensure that all Americans have complete legal protections so that they can pursue their goals and aspirations without fear of retaliation.

It is essential to have a new, robust, and progressive view of patriotism in this era of fast change. We will create a better, more inclusive country by loving and accepting every American and immigrant, regardless of race, status, or sexual orientation.

This July 4th, let’s reclaim what it means to be a Patriot. Let’s band together in this newfound patriotism and work for a better future where everyone has an equal chance to prosper. Together, let’s build a society embodying the principles of liberty and justice.

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