Summertime Communication Strategies to Unplug and Become a Better Communicator

It’s summer. Hooray!

This is a time for friends, family, and real-world face time. You can set your phone down..or at least commit to putting it on silent mode. Why not use this summer to focus on improving your personal and professional communication skills away from a keyboard?

Here’s how you can use the Summer months to your advantage to connect, to reconnect, and to promote greater connections.

Increased Presence and Active Listening:

When you unplug from your devices, you eliminate distractions and can be fully present in conversations. This allows you to listen actively, genuinely focusing on what the other person is saying rather than being preoccupied with notifications or interruptions. By actively listening, you can better understand others’ perspectives, respond empathetically, and establish stronger connections in your communication.  This continues to be a personal challenge and something I plan to work on this summer.

Improved Non-verbal Communication:

Non-verbal cues, including facial expressions, body language, and eye contact, are crucial in effective communication. These non-verbal signals may need to be more appropriately addressed when constantly engaged with your devices. By unplugging, you can pay more attention to non-verbal cues and effectively convey your messages. This enhances your ability to read others’ body language, convey empathy, and maintain rapport, leading to better communication.  We’ve all spent too much time on Zoom and Teams, where we can’t see the whole person! Using time spent with humans face to face, reading body language can be an important tool to engage and to be present.

Enhanced Interpersonal Interactions:

Beep! Ping! Zing! Wooooop!  Unplugging from devices encourages more face-to-face interactions and social engagement. In-person interactions provide opportunities for richer communication experiences, including tone of voice, facial expressions, and physical touch. By actively participating in these interactions, you can build stronger relationships, establish trust, and foster a sense of connection. Engaging in meaningful conversations without the barrier of screens and devices allows for more authentic and fulfilling communication experiences. I might try to use my phone as a coaster this summer more often.

Put on some sun tan lotion, enjoy your favorite beverage, and make time for your allies, friends, clients, and customers.  Unplugging from devices enables you to be more present, actively listen, pay attention to non-verbal cues, and engage in meaningful face-to-face interactions. These factors contribute to improved communication skills, leading to more effective and satisfying interactions with others.

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