Don’t Let Summer Slow Down Your PR Strategy & Media Momentum

The lazy days of summer are upon us, but that’s no excuse to let your advocacy efforts fizzle out. In fact, taking a strategic approach now can help you stay engaged while also allowing time to recharge. Planning ahead and delegating wisely can keep your organization’s message alive and build excitement for bigger campaigns this fall. Here’s how:

How to Maintain Urgency and Action

Pre-Load Your Social Media Presence

Social media never takes a vacation, so don’t let your channels go silent. Use scheduling tools to pre-load a steady cadence of posts to keep your audiences informed and engaged all summer. Tools like Airtable (what FCP Uses) can help you finalize and stagger your postings. This allows you to maintain your brand presence with minimal daily effort.

Seed the Media Landscape

Summer is the perfect time to plant the seeds for future media coverage. Work with supporters to draft op-eds and editorials expressing your viewpoints, then submit them to be published while you’re away. If they get picked up, you’ve got ready-made social media content. If not, you’ll have a head start when pitching again in a few months.

Queue Up Email Campaigns

Your email subscribers have given you permission to stay in touch, so don’t ghost them for months. Pre-write a series of short, compelling email updates that can be scheduled over the summer. Use this content to build anticipation for your upcoming fall initiatives.

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You Can Even Plan to Relax!

Delegate and Empower Your Team

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Call your team together and brainstorm creative ideas for summer engagement. Then, assign point people to own and execute 2-3 of the best concepts. This allows you to unplug while developing leadership skills with your colleagues.

Cultivate New Partnerships

Summer is a social season, so get out there and connect with potential new allies over drinks or a backyard BBQ. Once you’ve broken the ice, invite them to cross-promote your work by guest blogging or simply amplifying your messages through their channels. You’ll return refreshed with an expanded base of support.

The key is being proactive now so your advocacy work doesn’t grind to a halt over the summer. By combining smart planning with strategic delegation, you can keep your momentum going while allowing time to recharge your batteries. Don’t let this window of opportunity pass you by!

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