Nonprofit Public Relations Clients

You are changing the world. You need a Strategic Communications and Public Relations partner that understands your journey, your stories, your motivation, and your destination.

Your organization provides a crucial community-centered service or is changing the world by helping those in need. Your public relations strategy should come from a firm that is well-versed in promoting crucial messaging and finding precisely the right audience for you.

For over 20 years, FCP Communications has provided public relations for nonprofits. We understand how important it is to keep a consistent and compelling message in the face of communications strategy and marketing for nonprofit organizations. If you are seeking digital services or assistance with a nonprofit communications strategy, consider FCP Communications.

Full-Service PR Firms for Nonprofits

We offer marketing and PR services for nonprofit agencies. Your customized strategy through FCP Communications can cover a range of platforms and methods to best reach your audience and convey your message. Services we offer for agencies like yours include:

Code for America

Destination: Home

Greenlining Institute (The)


Tipping Point Community

Our Nonprofit Communications Clients

  • Alluma
  • Allard Prize for International Integrity
  • Alliance for Justice
  • All Home
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals Silicon Valley Chapter
  • Asian Law Alliance
  • Bay Area Community Resources
  • Black Doc Village
  • California Humanities
  • California Immigrant Policy Center
  • California Israel Chamber of Commerce
  • Center for Cultural Innovation
  • Children’s Fairyland
  • Circle of Life
  • Code for America
  • Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disaster (CARD)
  • Coro Fellows Program (The)
  • Council for Excellence in Government
  • Death Penalty Focus
  • Destination: Home
  • East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
  • East Bay Broadband Consortium
  • East Bay Community Energy
  • East Bay Economic Development Alliance
  • EveryOne Home
  • Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin
  • Grand Masonic Lodge of California
  • Greenlining Institute (The)
  • HireAble
  • Insight Center for Community Economic Development
  • League of Women Voters of California
  • LifeTrustCare
  • Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition
  • Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter
  • New Creations Community Outreach
  • Next10
  • Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
  • Northern California Community Loan Fund
  • Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  • Oakland Partnership (The)
  • Oxfam
  • Rubicon Point Partners
  • Saint Mary’s Center
  • San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program
  • SEVA
  • Shelter Inc Ending Homelessness
  • Stand for the Silent
  • Social Justice Learning Institute
  • Solano Avenue Association
  • SV@Home
  • SupplyBank.Org
  • Tipping Point Community
  • Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaborative
  • United Way of San Benito County
  • US Ignite
  • Valley Verde
  • Youth Vote Coalition

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