County of Sonoma

Municipal Public Relations Helps County Government to Improve Outreach to Community

Our Client’s Opportunity

The County of Sonoma needed to improve outreach to the community and streamline communications across many disparate departments.

The Solutions We Offered

FCP conducted a thorough audit of communications materials and properties across more than 20 different County departments. We interviewed more than 50 stakeholders, including elected officials, County staff and community members. Our team also analyzed other similarly-sized counties’ communications systems.

The Results We Delivered

Based on these interviews and an extensive body of research, FCP developed detailed recommendations for the County of Sonoma to improve their communications apparatus. FCP then helped the County Administrator’s Office (CAO) communicate with department heads, public information officers, and the County Board of Supervisors as the CAO presented the recommended new centralized communications model to County staff.

In addition to this communications planning process, FCP provides ongoing support and strategic counsel to the County of Sonoma on communications activities related to affordable housing, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other issues.

Sonoma County

Services Provided

Communications Planning
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“The guidance FCP provided to the County of Sonoma was invaluable. It helped us take our communications to the next level. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, FCP provided expertise and sets of hands to develop important communications materials quickly and with attention to detail.”

- Paul Gullixson
Communications Manager, County of Sonoma

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