AB 1705 Coalition

Coalition Communications Helps Pass California Higher Education Reform

Our Client’s Opportunity

California community colleges play a vital role in providing access to higher education. However, many students faced delays due to placement in remedial courses. To address this challenge, the AB 1705 Coalition, a powerful alliance of higher education equity groups, researchers, social justice organizations, and student leaders, emerged to push for reformed remedial education policies.

As their legislative efforts made its way through the California legislature, they needed a strong communications partner to elevate public awareness of the issue.

The Solution We Offered

Our commitment to student success in California community colleges began in 2017 when we supported the passage of AB 705, a groundbreaking law requiring colleges to recognize high school coursework, eliminating unnecessary placement tests for many students.

Five years later, FCP continued its partnership with the coalition by championing AB 1705, which built upon AB 705’s foundation. Recognizing the need for further reform, we developed a comprehensive communications strategy. This strategy included crafting and placing impactful op-eds from students and educators, framing AB 1705 as a crucial step towards improved student outcomes.

Throughout the legislative process, we delivered on this strategy by creating targeted press releases and social media content at key moments, like committee hearings and votes. Our efforts secured positive press coverage in influential outlets, garnering significant public support for AB 1705.

The Results We Delivered

Our efforts in supporting the AB 1705 coalition showed great success. Governor Newsom signed AB 1705 into law in 2022, reforming remedial math and English placement policies at California community colleges and helping more students to achieve their educational goals. The campaign secured positive news coverage from outlets such as Ed Source, Inside Higher Ed, Higher Ed Dive, and more.


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